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Interactivity to return the mother's love through a tribute that generated posts and book sales.

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Cia. Dos Livros • Mother's Day




Mother's Day is the second most important date for Brazilian trade. According to a survey carried out by FCDLESP (Federation of Chambers of Shopkeepers of the State of São Paulo), the growth of commerce in purchases for May 13 is 8% to 10% for the states of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro . However, in a country like Brazil, where the average reading is only 2 books per year for each inhabitant, it becomes a great challenge to bring the souvenir and convince the target audience that books are an excellent gift option to celebrate the Mothers Day.




Agevole created an emotional and interactive campaign where people were invited to return the reading of books to their mothers, through an application that generated an image for the user to post, with an excerpt from a book in honor of different types of mothers. In addition, after interacting with the application, the platform made a gift suggestion for mothers, generated a discount and directed the user to the book purchase page that contained the excerpt chosen for the tribute in the post.


Results of

We are a family owned and operated business.

The action generated more than 50 thousand interactions in the application, reverting to a real increase in the volume of sales 16% in relation to the same period of the previous year and 48% in relation to the 45 days that before the second Sunday of May. Mother's Day 2017 was one of the high points of revenue in the e-commerce of Cia dos Livros.

Dia das Mães • Cia. dos Livros
Dia das Mães • Cia. dos Livros
Dia das Mães • Cia. dos Livros
Dia das Mães • Cia. dos Livros
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