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how to refresh a brand to reach more customers and a new market?


Food and drinks

Worked areas

Social Media Planning, Branding and Management

To drink coconut water it is not necessary to be on the coast. Amambi is a brand that produces coconut water and was born in Marília, in the interior of São Paulo. Its entire production chain has taken place on the same farm for 10 years, where a local team plants, harvests and bottles the drink taken from the fruit.

The company is proud of this, of valuing local production, as well as its 100% natural vein. Amambi values maintaining the true coconut flavor in each step of its product.

the challenge

Amambi has always focused on the interior of São Paulo, but in 2019 the company started a process of expansion into new markets, including the capital. This required the creation of a new, more modern and attractive brand positioning, in the same way, the professionalization of its social networks.

O Desafio


Through dynamics composed of technical visits, interviews, interactions for the definition of brand archetypes and semantic panels.

I'MMO: atributos e características da marca

Definição de personas

Entrevistas com colaboradores

Criação de identidade

Análise dos

Aplicação para PDV e redes sociais

A Solução

the solution


Amambi • Viva a água de coco •
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Amambi is coconut water and nothing else, its speech both on social networks and on the website is the appreciation of a natural, light and full life in well-being. Therefore, its communication channels value content and messages that reinforce the practicality offered by the product and all the health benefits.