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ideas that change and improve people's lives.

Sensitive communication to deal with sensitive problems in society.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Communication to the health area cannot and should not be treated in a conventional manner.

This is the main reason why we created within our structure, a dedicated nucleus, with a process to solve sensitive communication problems for the health area.

We are a family owned and operated business.

We have a variety of specialized services in the Healthcare segment, including campaigns for brands and products, marketing for healthcare professionals, promotion of Rx and OTC drugs, medical education, awareness and prevention campaigns, loyalty programs.


we take care of the health of the brands that work in the health area.

We are one of the most multidisciplinary agencies operating in the Healthcare segment.

We use data science, human-centered design thinking and our knowledge of the most important processes in its segment. Through these insights, we collaborate with you to create effective campaigns, disruptive strategies and new ways to engage your audience across all channels.

amper health
  • Branding

  • Strategic planning

  • Communication campaigns

  • Incentive campaigns

  • Internal marketing actions

  • Graphic and digital design

  • Video production

  • Digital ecosystem planning

  • Social media management

  • Content creation and production

  • Content Curation

  • Video creation and production

  • SAC 2.0 planning and operation

  • Crisis Management

  • Performance monitoring and analysis

  • Media planning, management and purchasing

  • Installing and configuring platforms

  • Dashboard configuration

  • Marketing Automation

  • Results reporting and monitoring

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