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havan in rio. Insurance that gives a show.


Havan Services

We are a family owned and operated business.



We are a family owned and operated business.




Havan is the largest department store in Brazil, currently has more than 120 megastores across the country and conducts four major sales incentive campaigns for its employees, in addition to POS and support materials for its financial and insurance services area.


Launch and promote the engagement of the internal public with the new incentive campaign for the Insurance Sales Extended Warranty of Lojas Havan that rewarded with a trip to Rio de Janeiro with everything paid for, as well as tickets to the VIP area of the Rock In Music Festival River.

O Desafio



Thinking outside the box is essential for an incentive campaign to work. For this campaign, awards were defined that included many employees, a transparent regulation, tangible goals and moral support throughout the period through actions, challenges, sending messages and communicating via whatsapp, in addition to a major launch event.

A Solução


For this launch, Amper, in partnership with the client, developed teasers and all campaign material on and off, as well as films, gifts and prizes inspired by Rock in Rio as a replica of the legendary Fender guitar. The launch event of the campaign also featured double of famous artists, Rock concerts and a memorable performance by the official cover band of Kiss in Brazil.

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